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Improvisational Collection (1)


Episode Yesterday-nostalgia is dedicated to you with cherished memories. Close your eyes in a tranquil night, will you come up with some people or things naturally? And you think they are your own unique and unspeakable memories? Surge will accompany with you, no matter what kind of feelings or images rise in your mind, the music will always be there with you. 

Episode Duo of Night is dedicated to the lost travelers, where is home? Home is there, in your heart. After the long-standing night, it will bring in the new dawn.



01 As Usual
02 Under the Cherry Blossoms
03 From Across the River
04 The Old Teapot
05 Farewell on the Riverside
06 An Old Record
07 A Short Story
08 Somewhere in Time
09 Unconditional

Duo of Night
10 White Night
11 Evening Prayers
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