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Son of the Wind

Improvisational Collection (3)

Son of the Wind.jpg

Episode Young Heart is a story about courage. People always lost their originality in this complex society. The young hearts of teenagers are always pure. That’s love, courage, hope, glittering and curious eyes for everything.

Episode Wind, we come and go like the wind with nothing left, and we can take nothing away; what we have is only the spirit of freedom. Son of wind! Laugh and sing loudly! Open your heart and let the wind in. At this moment, it is the heaven on earth…

Episode Earth Carnival, there is a huge zoo where many magical animals are living there, of course including our human-being. And we named this planet as earth. ThisEarth Carnival is created by a man who loves fantasying. These works are dedicated to all these lovely animals and we hope all the creatures on earth could coexist harmoniously andhappily!


Young Heart
01 Magic Cube
02 Terminal White
03 Waltz of Love
04 Splashing Colors
05 Sonatine No.0

06 Flow with the Wind
07 Wind Chimes
08 Kite
09 Son of the Wind
10 An Ode to Aeolus

Earth Carnival
11 First Taste of Soaring
12 Little Ducklings
13 Glistening Butterflies
14 Blue Whale
15 Baby Dragon Lullaby
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