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Improvisational Collection (2)


Because of caring, there is gentleness; because of gentleness, there is openness; and because of openness, there is curiosity. The world seen with the heart may overlap with the rational world scene with our ordinary eyes, but they are not completely the same. Although on the surface, myths seem very distant from us, we are always pursuing them within our hearts. We long for a phenomenon, a story, or perhaps we should say a miracle, that can reveal the meaning of life; that can reshape our faith and values, and that can reignite our instinctive passions, so that we forget that we are the source of those passions. When we treasure the experience of each moment with a mind of cherishing, bountiful joy will fill our lives in an instant, and existence alone will become a miracle. May we cherish each person, matter, thing, and moment of life with an extraordinary gaze; thus life will be full of passion from its flow and beauty.


1. The Church at Dawn
2. Heartbeats of the Water
3. Fantasy of Northern Flowers
4. Desire for Atlantis
5. Prometheus
6. Peaceful Reunion
7. Puzzles of Time and Space
8. Land of Sands
9. Flowing City
10. Dancing at the Intersection
11. A Promise never Forgotten
12. Cherishing
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