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Improvisational Collection (2)

Trilogy Flow.jpg

Episode Sky - Trilogy of celestial phenomena, it shows the magnificent changeability of sky. Everything rebirths under the splendid sunshine, sometimes cloudy, sometimes raining heavily. A shocking thunder wakens all the creatures on earth. Our life is either cloudy or sunny, or full of joy and tears. All the creatures live and grow everlastingly under the firmament. 

Episode Flow-Stream, changeable water, can you tell me where do you originate from and where are you leaving for? Every moment, it purifies our soul like in a predestined way. We cannot resist and there is no need to resist. If we embrace it, all the troubles will flow away like a stream of water.

Episode Multitudinous-Forest, a bud, a huge tree, a sea of flowers, the smell of soil after rain, the dancing of butterflies and bees, and the tardy crawling of snails... the mutual communication and blending of life. Thank for the nourishment and cultivation of our earth mother. Multitudinous-Forest is the song of earth.


01 Sunrise
02 Thundershower
03 Mostly Sunny, Partly Cloudy
04 Indigo Tide
05 Surrounded by the Deep Blue
06 Bathing
07 Sparkling Reflections
08 Drifting

09 Tea-Picking Song
10 Autumn Colors
11 Mountain Stream
12 Breath of the Earth
13 Unknown Blossom
14 First Glance at Spring
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