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Simple and Innocent

Improvisational Collection (3)


Magic mirror, oh magic mirror, tell me, who is it do I see in the mirror? Amidst the myriad worlds, what script am I acting from? Can I make a wish in the meteor shower to forget my afflictions, and live my life like a fairytale? The day will come when the curtain falls; will I be able to maintain my simplicity and innocence? If life is just a beautiful scene that must come to an end, can we seize the moment and light up the heavens in a flash of brilliance? In this live improvisational album, we embark together on a kaleidoscopic adventure. Are you prepared to go?


1. Good Show
2. Little Red Riding Hood
3. Nymph
4. The Girl in the Oil Painting
5. Cloudy Dream
6. The Toy Cavalryman
7. Rabbit Mr. Windchaser
8. A Home with Garden
9. Simple and Innocent
10. A Feather’s Memory
11. Blessing from the Meteor Shower
12. Magic Mirror
13. Fireworks
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