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Chia-Chen Chiang is pianist, composer, piano improviser, winner of 2019 “Dr. Eva Maria Zbick Künstlerförderpreis (Artist Award)”, 2023 Global Music Award winner with her album of compositions-collections “Origin” and artist of Wind Music International Corporation, which released her eight CD albums and 2 EPs of her live improvisations and compositions. Chia-Chen Chiang received scholarships such as DAAD Scholarship and German Scholarship from the German government.


Chia-Chen Chiang was born in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and went to Germany at the age of fifteen to pursue her studies. She obtained the Konzertexamen diploma, certified by the Ministry of Education to be equivalent to a doctoral degree, from the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media of Germany in early 2022.

Over the years, she has continued to experiment and broaden the creative possibilities on her musical path. She believes that art is born from a free soul and a deep experience of life. At the same time, she is able to switch between different dimensions and roles in art without being constrained by frameworks.


As a pianist, Chia-Chen Chiang has performed in Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, and Taiwan. She has performed in traditional recitals, such as a solo recital at the Taipei National Concert Hall, Taiwan in 2014, in which she performed the Goldberg Variations by Bach. She has also performed as a soloist with symphony orchestras, such as performing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 with the NDR Radio Philharmonic and conductor Howard Griffiths in Hanover, Germany in 2015. She also performed several live improvised concerts in 2022 and 2023, where audiences can enjoy the music with their ears and hearts without knowing the setlist.


As an improviser, she collaborated with Wind Music to release seven studio live piano improvisation albums and two piano live improvisation EPs: 2021's online trilogy series: Surge, Flow, and Son of the Wind, 2022's online & physical tetralogy album series: Around the Sun, Cherishing, Simple and Innocent, and Unlimitable and 2023’s EPs: Moon in the River and Night Again. All the albums and EPs are accessible on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube etc. With over 30 thousand listening hours on Spotify by over 40 thousand listeners all over the world, Chia-Chen Chiang's improvisation art has touched the soul of people from different nations, backgrounds, personalities, and beliefs. Improvisation is a way to come back to her inner freedom and share this freedom with all the listeners.

As a composer, Chia-Chen Chiang's classical album "Origin" was released in January 2023, featuring a selection of her music compositions from 2019 to 2022.


Besides music, words are also Chia-Chen Chiang’s medium of creation. Her modern Chinese poetry, prose and essays are published irregularly on her Facebook fan page and Instagram. In addition to music and written works, the combination of the two in multimedia is also a beloved artistic expression of hers. As seen on her YouTube channel, Chia-Chen Chiang often pairs her piano improvisation videos with intuitive poetry, sharing her mind universe in a different form with her audience.

I. Improvisation

Sitting at the piano,

I quieten my mind,

and take a deep breath.

As I lay my hands on the keys,

I completely let go of my inhibitions,

and so the fun begins.

by Chia-Chen Chiang


2012 DAAD Scholarship (DAAD Preis)

2012-13 Germany Scholarship (Deutschland Stipendium)

2013-14 Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media Scholarship (HMTM Stipendium)

2015 First Prize in Ile de France International Piano Competition Youth Group (France)

2015 First Prize in Villa de Xabia International Piano Competition Youth Group (Spain)

2018 First Prize in the Asia International Piano Competition Concerto Group (Russia)

2019 Artist Award of Dr. Eva Maria Zbick (Dr. Eva Maria Zbick Künstlerförderpreis)

2023 Global Music Award Gold Medal for the album Origin

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