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Improvisational Collection (4)

tetralogy 4.jpg

People always become attached to their comfort zones, but when the clock of fate rings out, and the gears of life begin to turn with a rumble, we will be fiercely thrust forward with or without our consent. Although this process is full of fear and the unknown, and there is much helplessness and many tears, when we fly over the storm and looked down from the clouds, we see a brand-new and bountiful season greeting our lives. If you are caught in life's grey area, and at a loss which way to go, please give your self a bit of time and gently accompany your self until the sound of your heart points out a direction to take. Please always keep believing that our potential is unlimited, and maintain your confidence in this journey!


1. Flying through the Storm
2. Once in a Golden Summer
3. No Turning Back
4. A Day in the Harz
5. Make a Wish
6. Gift of the Springs
7. Season of Harvest
8. Common People Celebration
9. Gearwheels of Life
10. Unlimitable
11. Grey Area
12. Voyage
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