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Chia-Chen Chiang Hannover
a Poem by Chia-Chen Chiang


Sitting at the piano,

I quieten my mind,

and take a deep breath.

As I lay my hands on the keys,

I completely let go of my inhibitions,

and so the fun begins.



An absolute release

is as simple as it can get,

as its simply being completely present.

There are no drunkards here,

but just me having a lucid dream.



Improvisation is neither the antithesis of seriousness

nor unhinged madness.

It is to simply hand over oneself

to a higher order.

As one enters the realm of stillness

and allows themselves to be led by notes and rests,

life shall be rekindled

to enigmatic and mystifying heights.

The entire structure and tonality

has secretly taken shape

well before the first note appears,

hence surpassing the perception of the mind.

All creations,

in the very instances they bloom and perish,

achieve self-realization.



Between abandon and control,

and between sensibility and rationality,

lies a fine, neutral line

on which the voices of each moment


These voices freely unfold

and flow forth like water

as they neutralize each memory.

Improvisation is the art of forgetting.


All versions of the future originate from

choices in the moment.

All it takes to reset and begin anew

in this dazzling world

is just. one. sound.

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